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Modern Frame

2018 - The Fairy Boy and the Crystal Wand - Glastonbury, U.K.

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2018 – The Dragon and the Three Eggs - Glastonbury, U.K.


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2010 – Sky Sunlight Saxon from The Seeds - Musician - Cornwall, U.K.

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2024- DM - Nice, France

2024- DM - Nice, France

2016 - Philippe Uminski - Musician - Aude, France

2009 – Devendra Banhart - Musician - Nice, France

Acting being my first passion, I always loved to render face expressions and so, portraits are not only my way to reflect this; they are also essential to my growth, while capturing the familiar faces, that I love, I honor the friendships which are nourishing to my soul.

When I draw a portrait, I am this great magician who with a pencil and colors can copy the energy of an expression and give it a life form of its own on paper or canva.

2017 – Elvis - Aude, France


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2009– Meteor Shower in the Joshua Tree Desert - California, U.S.A.

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2010 - Sophia - Cornwall, U.K.

From Gnosticism to Shamanism, communicating with Spirit has always been taking a large place in my life. Losing my best friend at the age of 17 has enhanced this process and I have had many mystical experiences through my clairvoyance, mediumnity and Life’s journey.

This has led me onto the journey of the Seeker, constantly pushing further my psychic abilities and desiring to decipher the mysteries of the Universe.

2022 - The Heart - Nice, France


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2013 - The Great Departure - Ariège, France

Dreams can be remarkably powerful especially if they involve lucid dreaming. At a young age, I have realised they could carry very important messages and sometimes even warn me about future events.

Although I enjoy very much relating dreams with my writing, I find sometimes much more inspired to translate them into drawings and paintings to express more vibrantly their symbolism or even just show them how they are in my subjective sight.

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2019 - Trevor’s Flying Machine - Aude, France

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Among many other artistic expressions, drawings and photography came in really early in my life as one way to capture my unique perceptions. Colors are energetically what I love to work best. A taste for psychedelia and the elementals, and perceiving what cannot be touched creating a fantasy realm leaves so much space and freedom to my imagination. I absolutely love at all cost to inspire the World around me!

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Energetic Graphic and Web Designer

2002 - Present


Life and following my heart...♡

Modern Literature Graduate

La Sorbonne -Paris IV

Arts Administration Certified

City Lit - London

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