The Transpersonal Meditations – Reconnections – 6 chosen sessions (online)


Transpersonal psychology was first introduced by Carl Jung. The latter was able to demonstrate the holistic perception in terms of psychology, because he was able to see the links and the interconnection between the different planes (physical, emotional, spiritual, etheric).

Here is a series of guided quantum and transpersonal meditations on the themes of “Reconnections”, which will take place online on Zoom, between March and September 2021.

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Because we are currently living in deep evolutionary and turbulent Times with profound changes, it is advisable to make the inner reconnections necessary to stay centered, grounded, and aligned. The synergy of the group amplifies the power of these reconnections and emotional clearings that take place within our collective and individual unconscious.

During these 12 meetings, we will address the following topics:

– Self-Acceptance
– The Inner Child, The Inner Family, The Inner Partner
– The Animal Totem, The Spiritual Guide, The Ancestars (Galactic Families)
– Gold, Archangels and 5D Multi-dimensionality
– Atlantis, Lemuria, download codes
– Dragons and Ley Lines
– The Universal Water


12 appointments that will allow you to access more awareness and make all the connections facilitating realignments, serenity and joy!

Limited seats. Reservations recommended.
Payments: £17 a session. Possibility of taking a package of 6 (£90) or 12 sessions (£160).
The sessions will be recorded and you will have access to the replay.

The Dates :

Saturday 18th March: A Louise Hay Tribute! Love & Accept Yourself!
Saturday 1st April: Connecting to the Inner Child
Saturday 15th April: Journeying with the Inner Family (Reparenting work)
Saturday 15th May: Journeying with the Ideal Partner (Connection work)
Saturday 29th May: Journeying with the Inner Guides (Connection work)
Saturday 12th June:: The Animal Totem
Saturday 26th June:The Spirit Guide
Saturday 10th July: Ancestars (connection to the Galactic Families)
Saturday 24nd July: Atlantis and Downloads of Codes
Saturday 8th August: Lemuria and Downloadds of Codes
Saturday 22th August: The Dragons and the Ley Lines
Saturday 5th September: The Universal Water

Online with ZOOM, from March to August 2021 (every other Thursdays starting on March 18th – 7pm Paris (GMT+1))

Here you choose a package of 12 sessions. You will have access to all the transpersonal meditations offered on these themes.

For any additional information, please contact me at (+33) or on Telegram (Sofizel).

Along for the adventure !


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