Space-Time Circle


Finally, here is a workshop dedicated to space and time! Being a solo mom, I looked into these questions and I came to create this circle for those who would like to go deep into our perceptions of time and space management.

What would it take so that at the end of a day we can feel peaceful and still vibrant? What could we PERCEIVE in order to better prioritize and create bigger and better organize our lives?

What VIEWS can we change that would change all of our REALITY immediately?

An invitation to share and create another space-time reality online.


I know a lot of solo moms, who will like this monthly meeting! Being a very busy mom myself, for some time now, I have been looking into the question of space-time.

Indeed, I thought to myself that it would be really great to create a circle, even online, to be able to create more space and more time in our lives … So, I had fun asking all the u-ni-ma-gi-na-ble quantum questions in relation to Spacio-Temporality and with a wave of a magic wand, I was able to expand this space-time right away… There is a kind of vacuum cleaner, which sucks up parasiting, vampiric energies, all the automatic pilots and which allows you to make a total return to Self and make easy the organisation around our schedules!

Duration 1:45.


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