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The Gardeners Of Prosperous Dreams

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Dates: January 30th – February 27th 2021
February 13th – March 13th 2021

2020 has been a very decisive year for the fate of humanity and the world economy. We have also reached an edge of rediscovered ancient knowledge. And at this time the Earth is constantly reshaping anew. We are living in the Time of Revelations. Everything changes very rapidly and our consciousness is awakening. This means also, that we are getting more aware of our capacities and many of us  enjoy exploring and playing with them. This is what the Quantum Age offers. Today, in order to better cope with this inevitable transition, it seems good to come together and be accompanied by personal development and holistic health professionals, who know how to guide us gently and encourage us to reveal Ourselves to Ourselves.

Let’s join and prepare together for this New Earth in emergence. Sit back, relax and listen with your heart, let yourself be and play. I have many tools I would like to share with you. In a world that is changing so rapidly, in which new environmental and governmental concepts are taking root; where so many revolutionary ideas and solutions are springing up, on both sides; where ethics take precedence and where quality finally takes priority over quantity; a world in which organic materials and ethics come to honour life on Earth and become the standard trend; as a great wave of supra-consciousness emerges, we have no choice but to reshape the way we run our lives, our business, our sense of contribution and to profoundly redefine the products or services we wish to offer to the general public . It makes no difference that some of us DREAM BIG and wish to see those dreams take root, grow into a magical abundance, which we could share with the whole world.

We have our SEEDS and we’re paving the way with Flowers, Us, The Gardeners of Prosperous Dreams!


Experience Your Deepest Transformation with

The Gardeners Of Prosperous Dreams


Whether you are a micro-business, a visionary artist, a stay-at-home mom, a retiree, a job seeker; maybe these different categories are just like you, and this workshop might just be, the perfect trigger for you, the transformation that would allow you to unwrap the gift that you are to the World. Would you like to obtain more clarity, clear the obstacles in front of you and regain your self-confidence, which will propel you to realise and realign the path to your greater Dreams? All these processes explained and applied will be the green thumb, which will act with magic, to grow and grow your little seeds! I am like you.

I have experienced the struggles and frustration of the past eight years so as to always find new directions to develop in order to adjust to this fast re-shaping of reality. I am always learning more through constant training and I love to inspire and coach people.

What if you had a magic wand?

The quantum and multidimensional worlds settling in has enabled many physicists to understand the destructive weight of our points of view, our judgments, our beliefs, etc., and how they shape the reality that we update every day, to become real and material. Today we understand the living interest in being light, in getting rid of our automatic pilots and in freeing or dissolving our individual, transgenerational and collective memories, so to to access, more ease and joy in the creation of a world that honors every living being.

As an established artist, I intuititively listen to and follow my heart and have years of expertise in the creative fields of Music, Photography, Film and Writing. I have always yearned for happiness, abundance, joy and well-being! Today, I would like to accompany you and share with you what I have learned, so that you can attract from TODAY more Abundance, more Love, more Magic, more Miracles and more, more, more… Much more Joy in your life !

Unfold the flower you are to the world

During this workshop you will quickly familiarize yourself with the quantum tools, we have access to nowadays, to free your cellular memory, in your body and you will learn to activate parts of your brain, to create Miracles, to bring more Love and more Abundance in your life. You will dissipate or get rid of the unconscious blockages, so that you can plant your Dream Seeds and nurture them, thus watching them grow, into a beautiful manifested reality.

I would like to guide and accompany you, so that you can connect to your Inner Source energy and  re-align yourself with the Life that you have always dreamed of. Speakers and facilitators will participate in this event in order to enrich your experience as well as your transformation. Among other things Lucy Robertson will be able to offer you a Bio Test reading thanks to Professor Korotkov’s quantum camera. She was trained with him and was claimed to be one of his best students! Thanks to this test, you will be able to unveil and integrate issues or impairements you would have never suspected and also solidly assess your progress.

If I choose the period of Imbolc, to animate this workshop, it is quite simply because it is in the heart of winter, while our internal clock still wishes to sleep, dream and take time the time to plant our seeds… This is the ideal moment for reflection, to feel what our body and self really both require; to reflect on the activities that you wish to undertake; to activate the magnificent contribution you could be throughout the year; to weigh the goals that you would like to achieve, to visualize the dreams that lie dormant within you and which are only waiting to be gently awakened. So, to be naturally in tune with the rhythm of the seasons, winter calls us to put ourselves in this mode of gestation.

After the 22 days, each seed will have been planted, thought, weighed and reflected upon, and with spring finally here, you will be able to see the first shoots emerging from the ground! You will see that it is when you harmonize with the cycle of the seasons that everything seems to fall into place by itself as if by magic. Then nothing will separate you from your dream. The synergy of the group will energize you, but will also free you thanks to the sharing of each other’s creative expressions. No more obstacles will be in your way and the call to thrive will raise your vibrations, your frequencies! As spring arrives, you will feel invincible, strong, and be able to accompany the birdsong when the first buds are about to bloom. So plant your seeds, nurture your dreams and let’s all grow together! Embrace the great alchemists that you are and reveal your great powers to yourself! You are, we are the Gardeners of today!

Join us on this extraordinary journey!


Embrace 2021 with Manifesting your Dream Life!

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