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February 1st – February 29th 2020
February 15th – March 14th 2020

Now Shhhhh… Sit down, Relax and Listen with your Heart. I have a Secret I want to share with you…

In a World that changes so rapidly, in a new conceptualised environment, where so many revolutionary ideas and solutions are sprouting everywhere, where ethics are taking over and quality is finally prioritising over quantity; organics and ethics becoming the standard trend, and when a large wave of supra-consciousness is emerging, we have no other choice than remodel the way we run our business, and profoundly redefine the products or services we want to offer.

This doesn’t make any difference about the fact that some of us DREAM BIG and want to see these dreams take root and grow into magical abundance for everyone to share.



Whether you are the Wonderer standing right at the cross-section  and waiting for the next chance to boost you in doing the things you really love to do; whether you are a Mother at Home who can’t wait to gain independency in creating and nourishing a new idea; perhaps you are Retired and wanting to explore a new; with a new project.  Maybe it’s simply that you haven’t practiced your Art for years and you don”t know where to start again. Or simply you could even have a very precise idea about what it is you need to bring on the journey, but your last experiences weren’t convincing enough, so you kinda gave them up!

If these last descriptions seem to be close to whom you are, then this course might be just perfect for you, so to gain the clarity you need, clear the obstacles and the boost you require to start up your own personal professional dream.

I am like you. I have known the struggle and frustration of the last 6 years, in experiencing motherhood and finding new directions to expand, so to adjust this fast transforming reality.

Coming from an artistic background, I am used to follow and listen to my heart and I have years of expertise in creating Magic, Miracles, Abundance and Living the Life of genuine Synchronicity. Today I want to show you and share with you what I have learned, so you can attract NOW more Abundance, more Love, more Magic, more Miracles and more Joy into your Life!

Perhaps you are wondering why your life is not exactly how you had pictured it in the first place… Well, we have made such progresses in science, that we know now, how much the effect of the conditioning and programing of the religious up-bringing, educational formatting – and so on – that took place for the last thousands of years, impacted our lives in creating a limited belief system which restricted us in so many ways. Quantum science has unveiled this fact and finally science and spirituality can walk hand in hand happily ever after. Hurray! We are FREE!

As the general consciousness is unveiled, it’s crystal clear that truly, we are co-creators. And that once the programing and formatting have been removed, we really are these amazing unlimited beings who can create worlds and come together for a more loving, more peaceful, more energising, more playful World. Because it is originally part of our Nature to be empathic, loving and generous. Because it’s once we come in contact with loving energies, that we are able to create abundance and multiply to infinity, following the model of the Universe. We, Humans, have feelings and emotions that conduct our behaviors. So whether one grew up in poverty, fear, lack of any kind or was raised in a loving, peaceful home with a caring family, it differentiates the outcome totally and this usually determines the course of our existence.

While I was studying I learned what tools and techniques can create the Magic I was naturally spreading around as an artist, for so many years, while not being aware at the time, of how it had happened. It was like an alarm call that helped me see that all individuals could actually use these tools and techniques to transform their lives for better!

So I am going to show you how to use parts of your brain that can be activated to create Miracles, bring more Love and more Abundance into your life. I will show you how to remove unconscious blocks, so you can plant your Dream Seeds and while nourishing them, also watch them grow into a beautiful manifested reality. I would like to guide and accompany you so you can connect to Source energy and align yourself at last with the Life you always dreamed of.

If I choose the period of Imbolc, to animate this workshop, it is simply because it is in the heart of the winter, while our internal clock still wishes to sleep, to dream and to take the time, that we must plant our seeds.. This is the perfect time for reflection, so to feel what we really need; to reflect on the activities we want to undertake, throughout the year, to weigh the goals we would like to reach, to visualize the dreams that are gently slumbering in us and that are just waiting to be gently awakened.

So, to be naturally in tune with the rhythm of the seasons, winter calls us to put ourselves in this mode of gestation.

After the 22-day program, each seed will have been planted; ideas well thought, weighed and reflected on and while spring has finally come, you will see the first shoots emerge from the ground! You will see that it is when we harmonize with the cycle of the seasons, that everything seems to align by itself as if by magic. Nothing, then, will separate you from your dreams.

The synergy of the group will energize you, but you will also free yourself, thanks to the sharing of each one’s creative expressions. No more obstacles will be on your way and the call of the success will raise your vibrations, your frequencies! When spring arrives, you will feel invincible, strong and will accompany the songs of the birds, when the first buds bloom.

So, plant your seeds, feed your dreams and let’s grow together! Meet the great alchemist that you are and reveal to yourself your greatest powers! You are, we are the successful gardeners of today!

Join me on this transformational journey!


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