Welcome on board! Here it is! In the last couple days, I felt this invisible urge to anchor this name in the matter and give it life! First of all, I would like to say that I am not normally used to create projects, that are so much bigger than myself... However the call was so huge, I had to execute and accept the challenge. After all, these are truly exciting Times, and creating a new, surely feels sparkly and over exciting! This is not the first time I dream BIG, and of infinite spaces and temporalities. If you ask most of my friend, “cosmic” is possibly a word that often strikes back, when it comes to define me.
The main thing is: I BELIEVE! I KNOW! I TRUST! I LOVE!
I have been guided by intergalactic and interdimensional beings to set up, this centre, and I believe it is for the greatest of all living things. So, who’s with me? Are you ready to venture? Isn’t NOW the time for a RELIANCE in creating Life, instead of destroying it? What choices do we have here? Are we finally going to accept the infinite capacities that we are and welcome the free cosmic energy that is coming to us?
Behind this project, I hear the words Alliance, Reliance, Communication, Research, Development and Healing Practice based on the Ò cosmic energy. And if the Intergalactic Council is guiding us through these steps, I believe that we are on the edge of a massive shift!
A major consciousness shift is over our head, right now and I have a feeling that this will lead to the unfolding of a “NEW” EARTH STAR, just like Toth, once predicted. Well, personnally, I think that prophecies are not the key, right now. I see so many people turning to them with the old fashion mind, going in circles with the same old, same old, repetitive ‘I told you so!”. Ok, they might be the wake-up call... However are they the answers?
The ascension in a 5th dimension Earth plan is very real and just the fact that some of us are expanding in consciousness doesn’t mean that the others are left behind. Everything is at its place and in resonance to the vibration it radiates. We have long dreamed about reaching out for this World and it’s right here, right now, accessible for us. So, what are you going to choose? We are all together now to break all the codes and unlock all the souls. The infinite web of cosmic energy is spreading beyond infinity and I am ready to step out of the capsule to make life the playground we’ve all always dreamed about! Are you?
Research, on many occasions, has proven that energy is FREE. And even if a few manage to purchase one, I don’t see the masses rushing to the stores to buy babies... Life and its creation are by definition infinite in love, in breath, in abundance and in space and temporality. And even if the Earth could be flat, no one will ever make me believe that we live on a plan, with limited love, limited breath and limited goods, just like some would wish to implement our fabulous constantly evolving minds with. If someone can prove me wrong by counting out loud or in their heads, all the numbers there are in the Universe and reach the End, then I will have to reflect some more, but until then, it will be only to LIGHT, I will bow.
So, Let the light BE! And, let’s make this Ò, a place of wonders, for all living beings to share with joy, laughter, love, awe and peace. Where do we go from now?
With Love and Care,

Friday, April 3, 2020

If you feel your contribution would be an extraordinary gift to
Ò - Cosmic interdimensional Intergalactic Healing Energy Centre Unlimited, please feel free to contact me !