Within a group, synergy clearly amplifies the power of the process, which is why it is important to have a living and clear circle.


Once the emotional plane is cleared, the inner guides found and anchored, our realignment can happen as if by magic.


Find embodiement by meeting your inner guides, who are the fundamental bases of your balance.

The term “transpersonal” psychology was first introduced by Carl Jung. The latter was able to highlight the “holistic” perception in terms of psychology, because he was able to see the links and interconnection between the different planes (physical, emotional, spiritual, etheric).

A transpersonal meditation allows you to meet the different basic archetypal inner guides, fundamental to our physical, emotional and spiritual balance.

From my background, I have learned to combine sound, hypnosis and quantum tools, so during this meditation, we will be able to both redirect the mechanism of our thoughts and modify the repetitive patterns, which shape our life on the physical plane, but also vibrate on a frequency activating the heart, while energetically and collectively clearing memories, which create unconscious blocks.

These meditations will allow you to discover on the surface, the benefits of hypnosis and hypnotherapy, since they are inspired by certain protocols used during an individual session.

More than a simple guided meditation, this session will bring you, according to the amplitude of your own imagination, to experience profound changes and can also provide you with major tools, in order to better evolve on the path to inner peace.

The synergy of the group will bring up collective memories, which will be energetically released, thanks to the use of powerful quantum tools.

The sessions last about an hour and a half and are received in the lying position, with a soft pillow and a soft blanket.

We will conclude our sessions with a little chat about our an inner journey, for those who wish to share it.