Transpersonal & Ericksonian Hypnotherapy


Do you need to get a clearer view of the big picture in your life? Do you simply want to empower yourself? Do you suffer insomnia or other disorders? Would you like to learn how to relax more easily so you can face better life’s obstacles and difficult challenges? Do you feel it would be important for you to reconnect to yourself or even connect to your inner guides? Have you thought about the power of your imagination to heal yourself? Perhaps Hypnotherapy – whether you have experienced trance for therapeutic purpose before or not – is something for you…

Hypnosis is always self-hypnosis and the therapeutic session is facilitated by someone who understands and respects the principles of ethics. Hypnotherapy offers tailor made techniques suiting each and every individual and can help overcome permanently many different sorts of issues thanks to the new techniques developped in the last century. “Regressions” for example can fundamentally help breaking the patterns deeply printed in us. We can work on a quantic level, on etherical or multi-dimensional plans.

Alchemical Hypnotherapy has been developped on the basis of these advanced clinical hypnotherapeutic techniques. Alchemy has traditionally been associated with the transmutation of base metals into gold. The ancient Alchemists made clear in their writings that the substance of their transmutation was the human soul. Their goal was the transmutation of the base metals of human emotions and instincts within the subconscious mind into the gold of self-realization. According to Carl Jung, the first modern alchemist, the vehicles of this transformative process were the archetypes, the Inner Guides. The founder of Alchemical Hypnotherapy is David Quigley who lives in California – U.S.A.

With Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, we can treat pretty much any emotional issue. It’s very easy to go back to the root of the problem and facilitate healing thanks to what we call ECP (Etherical Communication Plan) and instead of treating the symptom, which is what is usually done in traditional Western medicine; we go back to what caused the issue in the first place and then ask the subconscious mind to reveal how the phenomena first took place and how it programmed a repetitive pattern, which has become through time, the reflection of our created reality. Taking conscious of what caused the problem in the first place help to distance oneself from it and the healing brought during the session completely transforms the intitial pattern that caused the repetitive illness.

With Transpersonal Hypnotherapy we can also set goals, remove blocks and align with our life purpose. We come to understand how we can use the 80% of our brain which usually remains dormant. It can be used to achieve the goals we have set for ourselves in sports competitions, in business, etc. Transpersonal Hypnotherapy can be used to enhance one’s confidence and restore faith, connecting to Source and to Self.

A session lasts approximately 1 to 1 hour and half. In our first meeting we set our goals and we can tell approximately how many sessions will be needed to overcome the problem and be free of any pain surrounding the issue. During a session I let my intuition guide me and deal with whatever emerges from the client. My work consists in accompanying the person during a pre-defined number of sessions. Each different technique is applicable according to the trauma to treat. Generally it takes 3 to 4 sessions to get down to the core and clear entirely any emotional pain. This is what it normally takes to understand profundly where the problem comes from and to heal it. I conduct my practice following the GHSC codes of ethics. Confidentiality is essential.

I succesfully obtained my Diploma in Transpersonal Hypnotherapy in 2016 with Kimberley Lovell, based in the UK, accredited by the GHSC (General Hypnotherapy Standards Council). I earned the certification of Hypnotherapy Foundation Course in October 2014 including a certification in NLP.

I am fully trained and experienced with practicing the following techniques: – Ericksonian Hypnotherapy – E.C.P. (Etherical Communication Plan) – Rescue missions of the Inner Child and connection with Inner Family or Inner Mate or Spirit Guides – Inner conflicts – Healing past traumas with Regression – Inner Conflict Resolution with Part Therapy (Addictions, Compulsive Behaviours, etc.) – Karmic connections and Past Life work – Soul Contracts – LBL (Life Between Lives)

I am facilitating confidential and private sessions locally in England and also quite easily via Skype all over the world. The sessions can be done either in English or French.

A session costs £60.
Students and Job seekers or people with small earnings can benefit a flat rate discount at £45 per session.
I accept payment in cash, cheques, via PayPal or bank transfer.

For any further enquiries, please contact email me at, Skype me on Sofizel with a message or call me on my mobile (+44)7902 555 350



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Sara Jutigny-Scherrer Montpellier

Sophie is very passionate about her work, and a great listener. She really cares and wants to help. Her in-depth hypnotherapy is useful, helpful even at a distance.