This Month’s Special

Welcome to this Month’s Special  Treat

During this lockdown month where my services have sky rocketed, I was able to practice a new session of quantum processes, which I called “The Essential: Return to Unity”; a series of processes, which, as the name suggests, essentially leads back to Unity; which we have been in great need of lately.

I was also able to realise the power of my remote sessions, by offering bodily processes which I had never suspected were effective from a distance. This allowed me to receive in transmission a cosmic energy of healing, called Ò, which I will test, in more depth, with my customers, during the coming months.

Since we are still in confinement, I will not be offering massages this spring. However, I am organising two Quantum Processes Open Days on April 23rd and 24th. 6 one-hour tele-sessions for unconscious blockages, relationships, pervasive emotions, daily difficulties, the release of memories, etc. with conscious participation starting at £20. Make an appointment quickly via Facebook or write me at or at What’s app Sofizel* to secure your place.

The MTVSS , Cell Memory and Biomimetic and Biomimicry bodily processes, are at Discovery prices for £45, instead of £60, until May 15.

In Hypnosis, this month, sessions around the theme of the Inner Child and rescue missions, will also be £45 until May 15.
– Meeting and connecting with the Inner Child
– Missions to rescue the Inner Child with Regression to heal trauma.

Well-being and expansion for Everyone!

The accepted payment methods are Paypal, CB, Bank transfer and Bitcoin.

During these times of upheaval, which I announced in the first video of the year, it is good to be attentive to the needs of our body. In the video below, I accompany you to activate your hormonal gland of the thymus, in order to boost your immune system.

Liste des Tarifs

Séance de Processus Corporels d’Access® ~ 60 €/h (30€ pour les enfants)
Séance de Bars d’Access® ~ 70 €/h (30€ pour les enfants)
Processus Quantique “L’Essentiel : Retour à l’Unité”~ 190€ (80€ -de 18 ans)
Séance d’Hypnothérapie Transpersonnelle ~ 60 €
One-to-One Coaching Sessions ~ 45 €/h
Massages Corporels, Sonores ~
50 – 90 €/h
Méditations Guidées en groupe ~ 14 €
Ateliers sur l’Hypnose et sur les Archétypes ~ Tarifs varient
Coaching Programme des Jardiniers Aux Reves Prospères ~ Entre 610 et 890 €

Certains processus peuvent se pratiquer à distance, tels que les processus quantiques corporels et l’hypnothérapie.