The Essential: Return to Unity

During this one hour-long session, you will experience a profound transformation, as well as an essential return to unity!

First, let's go back to the unity of your being and your body, getting rid of your body management's auto-pilot. This process allows you to become aware of the consciousness of your body, itself. This reconnection brings profound changes, which will revolutionise your life, because you will no longer choose from the same points of view and you will realise how much you increase your awareness of everything, once this unity is found.

As if your life and your reality had been created, as if you were in prison, you will finally be able to live more freely and in greater harmony with what your consciousness reveals to you.

And why should you create your reality, based on your Karma; which in fact only repeats your past in your future, and only inflicts guilt, shame, regret and blame on yourself? According to Buddha, one should let go of Karma to attain Nirvana. This is how you can rediscover the infinity of your being, and how you can build a reality which does not replicate the linear temporality, which you have known until now.

Are we not all healing and empathetic? It is through these few processes that you will recognize and accept your faculties to heal yourself and others.

Then you will reestablish the connection to the consciousness which includes everything and judges nothing; this will allow you to live your life without it being an accomplishment, but rather becoming an adventure.

And to finish, the last processes will allow you to completely unlock yourself from this reality, so that you can realise that the Source of possibilities is yourself, in order to start to create beyond, of the reality in which you were confined.

During the session, we will also touch on sensitive subjects, which can then also be resolved and made lighter.

These processes from Access Consciousness® are very powerful and just as the name suggests, they will give access to greater awareness; a greater awareness that will let you be the free will of your own choices.

This session can easily take place face to face, as well as on the telephone or other means of communication via the Internet. These quantum processes only need to be done once and their validity is permanent.

"The Essential: Return to Unity" costs £190 and £80 for those under 18.
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