Premium – February 13th – March 13th 2021


February 13th – March 13th 2021


– 22 Days Transformational Coaching Event with Exercices and Reflections
– Your Money Archetype Quizz
– E-Book Manual Free Download
– Guided Meditations Free Downloads
– Comments and answers to your personal questions
– Dynamic Group Ideas Exchange Platform Free Access
– Zoom Webinars with Experts Free Access


– A 30 Minutes Introduction Interview to Discuss Your Heart’s Desire
– A introductory Bio Test Reading by Lucy Robertson @ Bio Well
– Personal Money Contract Reviewing with Hypnosis and Access Consciousness® tools
– Assistance with Designing and Key Points to your Business Plan
– A 30 Minutes Review : Validate your own Transformation
– A conclusive Bio test Reading by Lucy Robertson @ Bio Well to assess the progress made


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February 13th – March 13th 2021

During this workshop you will quickly familiarise yourself with the quantum tools that we have access to nowadays, to free our cellular memory, in our body, and you will learn to activate parts of your brain, to create Miracles, to bring more Love and more Abundance into your Life. You will get rid of the unconscious blocks, so that you can plant your Dream Seeds and nurture them, thus watching them grow, into a beautiful actualised reality. I would like to guide and accompany you to connect with the Source energy so to finally align yourself with the Life that you have always dreamed of. Experts and facilitators will participate to this event to enrich your experience as well as your transformation.

The great thing about the Premium Workshop is that it offers personalised support, as well as an individual hypnosis session, a quantum process facilitation, and two remote bio test readings by Lucy Robertson, currently in California, United States, with the GDV device, which is incredibly specific. Setting up a personal business plan will be a major asset for the success of your business and interviews will also be essential pillars, to help you gain confidence and clarity in your project. We can set achievable goals together and you will have a greater sense of power at the end of this 22 day event.

If I choose the period of Imbolc, to animate this workshop, it is simply because it is in the heart of winter, while our internal clock still wishes to sleep, dream and take time, that our seeds sprout best… This is the ideal moment for reflection, to feel what we really need; to reflect on the activities that you want to undertake, throughout the year, to weigh the goals that you would like to achieve, to visualise the dreams that lie dormant within you and that are only waiting to be gently awakened.

So, to be naturally in tune with the rhythm of the seasons, winter calls us to put ourselves in this gestation mode.

After the 22 coaching days, each seed will have been planted, thought out, weighed and reflected, and with spring finally here, you will be able to see the first shoots emerging from the ground! You will see that it is when you harmonise with the cycle of the seasons that everything seems to fall into place by itself as if by Magic. Then nothing will separate you from your dream.

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