How Much Are You Willing to Receive?


What POINT OF VIEW can you have today that could create a different FINANCIAL reality for you immediately?

One of the most common excuses used to justify not doing what you really want to do with your life that no one can say anything about is, “I don’t have the money.” What if we could move beyond this state of mind? The universe is infinitely abundant and constantly wishes to give to us. In order not to receive, you actually have to actively oppose it.

What if money isn’t the problem? What if the problem was our ability to receive and YOU were the solution? Here is a workshop based on Gary Douglas and Dain Heer’s book “Money Isn’t the Problem, It’s You!” for those who would like to create more in their life and receive more beyond their dreams!


As an Access Bars® facilitator, I like to share this Art developed by Access Consciousness®, which is a palette of tools made to help you be more aware of your environment, your body and your being; which greatly strengthens your creativity!

In these workshops we will be able to address various themes:

– Abundance and receive it with a workshop based on Gary Douglas’ book “Money is not the Problem, it’s You!”
– Four tools to create happiness
– Stress Relief
– An intro to Access Bars

These workshops will take place online on zoom or face-to-face according to demand. You will be able to download a small manual for each class we will do together. The approximate duration is approximately 2h30.


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