Ò – The Cosmic Healing Energy

Welcome on board! Here it is! In the last couple days, I felt this invisible urge to anchor this name in the matter and give it life! First of all, I would like to say that I am not normally used to create projects, that are so much bigger than myself... However the call was so huge, I had to execute and accept the challenge. After all, these are truly exciting Times, and creating a new, surely feels sparkly and over exciting! This is not the first time I dream BIG, and of infinite spaces and temporalities. If you ask most of my friend, “cosmic” is possibly a word that often strikes back, when it comes to define me.
The main thing is: I BELIEVE! I KNOW! I TRUST! I LOVE!
I have been guided by intergalactic and interdimensional beings to set up, this centre, and I believe it is for the greatest of all living things. So, who’s with me? Are you ready to venture? Isn’t NOW the time for a RELIANCE in creating Life, instead of destroying it? What choices do we have here? Are we finally going to accept the infinite capacities that we are and welcome the free cosmic energy that is coming to us?
Behind this project, I hear the words Alliance, Reliance, Communication, Research, Development and Healing Practice based on the Ò cosmic energy. And if the Intergalactic Council is guiding us through these steps, I believe that we are on the edge of a massive shift!
A major consciousness shift is over our head, right now and I have a feeling that this will lead to the unfolding of a “NEW” EARTH STAR, just like Toth, once predicted. Well, personnally, I think that prophecies are not the key, right now. I see so many people turning to them with the old fashion mind, going in circles with the same old, same old, repetitive ‘I told you so!”. Ok, they might be the wake-up call... However are they the answers?
The ascension in a 5th dimension Earth plan is very real and just the fact that some of us are expanding in consciousness doesn’t mean that the others are left behind. Everything is at its place and in resonance to the vibration it radiates. We have long dreamed about reaching out for this World and it’s right here, right now, accessible for us. So, what are you going to choose? We are all together now to break all the codes and unlock all the souls. The infinite web of cosmic energy is spreading beyond infinity and I am ready to step out of the capsule to make life the playground we’ve all always dreamed about! Are you?
Research, on many occasions, has proven that energy is FREE. And even if a few manage to purchase one, I don’t see the masses rushing to the stores to buy babies... Life and its creation are by definition infinite in love, in breath, in abundance and in space and temporality. And even if the Earth could be flat, no one will ever make me believe that we live on a plan, with limited love, limited breath and limited goods, just like some would wish to implement our fabulous constantly evolving minds with. If someone can prove me wrong by counting out loud or in their heads, all the numbers there are in the Universe and reach the End, then I will have to reflect some more, but until then, it will be only to LIGHT, I will bow.
So, Let the light BE! And, let’s make this Ò, a place of wonders, for all living beings to share with joy, laughter, love, awe and peace. Where do we go from now?
With Love and Care,

Friday, April 3, 2020

Good evening everyone,

I made the decision to take an official partner and distribute the quantum medical device, Healy. Even if the machine, in my opinion, will never take the place of the practitioner in our world of humans, I still see a phenomenal interest in it; if only for quantum practitioners, who sometimes would like to have confirmations on the information they receive energetically, but also to clinically measure the progress made by a client.
Finally, there it is ! I let you discover this wonder! Welcome to the quantum world! And how does it get even better than that?


May 23rd, 2020

A lot of things are happening and the experiences are far more mind blowing than I could have possibly imagined... So, I wanted to bring you a little update on what is going on with this project.

Everyday, a piece of the jigsaw puzzle is being added. So, each day that passes, I get a clearer view of what is required of me - And I mean, being entirely permeable to what is downloaded. I get also a much clearer view of the big picture.

The energy Ò discovered in April 2020 is still in process of experiment and integration, but also, I am given some other tools related to the general "Lachesis Grid", which I call this way, because I channeled it and due its many different references, dimensions and symbolisms.

This grid is the energy grid through which all living things are interconnected. It's working with alternative electricity, according to the Tesla research and is the energy grid for the nervous system. Any nervous system. And if we can heal the nervous system at the core of the Earth, thanks to Ley Lines and Vortexes, we can easily induce and activate the medecine Earth requires to restaure Divinity on Earth.

Another research leads me to encourage people to avoid any exploitation of Earth, in order to generate resources for abundance. Permaculture is the key for healthy sustainable living. Study Edibles and Pranic or fasting practices. For Abundance is what our Universe is giving us, through our Mother and Father: Sky and Earth. Earth gives in abundance with what she creates: Food and Water she nurtures us with. Sky is giving us the Light, the Air, the Colours. All this is FREE ENERGY, my friends. And We are the living proof that, this what we truly live on. It's ALL Free! Sound is another major energy creator. Through sound and verb, energy is abundant and free also.

This is where I am at. Thank you for reading. It's all happening fast. I'll keep you posted about our progresses. Meanwhile, I invite you to watch this beautiful film directed by Tor Webster , The Rainbow Serpent, which in a deep poetic way sings the songs of this electric grid I evoked above. A immense thanks you to Tor Webster for his contribution to us all! Have a great Day ! Rise and Shine !


With Love and Care,

June 30th, 2020

Dear Beautiful Ones,

Three whole years have passed  since the wonderful discovery of these amazing tools to heal the body and all living things on Earth, including Earth itself indeed.

So much has hapened since with our Covid-19 lockdowns and experiences of reflaction and experiencing a new World in the midst of an energetic major transition!

Now there are a few things I'd like to share with you all.

First I'd like to say that age 8 I moved my whole family from Nancy in Lorraine, France to Nice, Côte d'Azur so I could be by the sea and experience on a larger scale what it was like to be near a very very large pond: the Mediterranean Sea.

My memories take me to the wonderful season of bathing in the sea and as long as I recall, my mother always used to say that whenever she looked out for me while I was playing mermaid in this giant bath, she always had to spot my feet up, emerging on the surface so she was reassured I was still there enjoying my old amphibian self, pleasuring my body in the waves and their every dimensions, recalling all my Atlantean lives, then.

I was raised a single child and books are everything to me. That, with my son and pets who are living with us in the house. I can recall so vividely the first  modern novel I ever read as a child. It was a story about a boy who had been asked what was the most precious thing. The whole process was laid as a quest and the end was delivering this essential vital message that Water was the one most precious thing we had. This book has impregnated my memory so intensely that I can still remember how that story had taken me beyond every interests and I had managed to read the approximately 240 pages in one single day, although I was just about 9 or 10.

Water has always been a very special element to me.

When I came to play instruments and started creating atmospheres with sounds, I was also reminded that my music was like underwater bass guitar moves.

Yes, I know now that Water is my one element I am at ease, confident with and being my best ally to improve Living creatures and Earth's conditions.

More and more I understand and aknowledge my responsibility to share with the World what I receive with Water and how I intimately create with it.

Ò - The Cosmic Energy is ready for take off and I am so thrilled about sharing the tools I have with YOU. This is definitely the right moment too, as we're transiting to major Earth changes and that Water is going to be an issue for Everyone.

So, here are a couple of things coming up this year. It could be taking place as a one day training with discovering the Interdimensional Intergalactical Cosmic Healing Energy Ò , how it came to me, how it works and what purpose it has.
The second training will be about sharing my dearly beloved Avalonian ancestral knowledge of creating mineral elixirs just like we do with the Bach flowers.

Stay attuned! You'll understand soon what this Alliance, Reliance, Educational, Communication platform is designed for.

Very recently I have facilitated a Transpersonal and Quantum guided Meditation about Reconnecting with Universal Water. It is the last of a series of 12 meditations about Reconnection. You can download it here.

Peace, Beatiful One !
Stay Safe!

March 10th, 2023

If you feel your contribution would be an extraordinary gift to
Ò - Cosmic interdimensional Intergalactic Healing Energy Centre Unlimited, please feel free to contact me !