Coaching & Workshops

Here is a range of workshops I can facilitate.

The Gardeners of Prosperous Dreams: A 22 day online coaching program, using Hypnosis and EFT, taking place in the Winter to align with your Life’s Purpose in a business orientated way.

The Power of Self-Hypnosis: For relaxation, Habit Control, Peak Performance, Prosperity, Health Improvement, Weight Management and much more… Get an introduction about NLP and Transpersonal Hypnotherapy. Learn the various steps and the right ingredients for creating a good hypnotic script.

Sacred Contracts and the Wheel of Archetypes: Understanding your Life’s Purpose while casting the Wheel of your major ruling Archetypes. Explore the Dynamics of your own mecanisms and learn to Balance your Shadow/Light Inner Parts.

Healing Your Inner Child: Find the Love you need to heal your Relationships and your Life. Come and meet your Inner Child. Connect and journey with the Child. Discover how to connect with the Inner Guidance.

But also…

– Inner Mate: Your Key to Creating Loving Relationships
– You Have Lived Before/Have You Lived Before?
– Unite Your Selves to Get What You Want
– Break Free from Bad Habits / Smoking
– Stop Self-Sabotage!

Please contact me if you want to discuss about any workshops in your area.