Quantum Body Processes

Whether it is to revitalize your internal organs, boost your immune system, eliminate carcinogenic cells and tumours, one of Access® body processes care, which is called MTVSS, is by far the most energising!

If you consult in order to get rid of physical ailments, which your body has simply locked in, during traumatic shocks, such as a car accident, for example, a hour session, in order to free the cellular memory, will be ideal for you.

And finally, if the goal is to cure an inherited disease, a transgenerational body issue or if you want to regain your basic bodily plan, by getting rid of the mimetic postures, implemented since childhood, then biomimetic and biomimicry are perhaps the key, which will give you back your own posture and molecular structure.

In the case of a viral infection, it is also possible to remedy it, thanks to this “killer” process, making it possible to eradicate and eliminate, through natural passages, toxic amalgams!

A session lasts approximately 1 hour. For in-depth work, it is recommended to do 4 sessions sufficiently close together in time; that is to say once a week. However your body will be able to tell you … Trust it!

It is possible to receive distant body processes through our energetic field connection. Receive it live or choose to receive it once alseep. Once the session is launched the body will receive order to run the process until fully completed.