Author of “Et ce Jour-la Encore, le Soleil Brillait”, I currently live between Cathare country, in the South of France and Glastonbury, also known as the Isle of Avalon in Somerset (UK). This way, I manage to bridge and connect these sacred and magical places through my workshops, in which I can share my constant expending knowledge. In 2009, following a musical and acting career in London, Paris and America, an introspection and in-depth study starts. It is the intuition of a great planetary change that pushes me towards this metaphysical, esoteric and quantum research.

Glastonbury and its Avalonian island, in the British Isles, is an inevitable call, where I start my initiatic journey as a massage and holistic therapist. I familiarise myself and work with lithotherapy, medicinal and druidic plants. Then I receive training in Ericksonian & Transpersonal Hypnotherapy and obtain a Diploma in Transpersonal Hypnotherapy in 2016. I start my practice in France right away and gradually become a personal development coach and trainer.

I love to combine my artistic expressions and the healing therapeutic skills I have, as it is partly the entourage of the show business that have led me to my own spiritual awakening and quest.

Empathetic and compassionate, I chose to learn these powerful therapeutic Jungian techniques with Transpersonal Hypnotherapy to embrace this magical journey so not to heal only my own wounds, but also to accompany those who I meet on my path.

Entrepreneur since 2004, I keep writing my music and singing while raising my son.

Transpersonal and Ericksonian Practitioner, Coach and Trainer accredited by the GHSC.
Accredited certifications in Access Bars Practitioner and The Foundation Class @ Access Consciousness®.
Certified Practitioner and graduate in different types of Massages around the world.

Shamanic Magnetism Practitioner.

Diplomas and Certificates:
– Accredited Certificate of The Foundation – Feb. 2020
– Accredited Certificate of Access Bars @ Access Consciousness® – June 2019
– Accredited Certificate in Transpersonal Hypnotherapy Diploma – Feb. 2016 – UK
– Transpersonal Hypnotherapy Foundation Certificate – Oct. 2014 – UK
– Mental Health Interpreting – Feb. 2016 – UK
– Health & Safety, Security, Confidentiality, Equality & Environment – Feb. 2016 – UK
– Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults – Feb. 2016 -UK
– Interpreting for the NHS – May 2010 -UK
– Healer (Magnetism) Practitioner Certificate – Level 2 -June 2010 -UK
– Mental Awareness Certificate – Nov. 2009 -UK
– Healer (Magnetism) Certificate – Level 1 – August 2009 -USA
– Californian Massage Diploma – May 2009 – France
– Hot Stone Massage Certificate – May 2008 – France
– Nuad Bo-Rarn Thai Massage Certificate – Level 1 – Jan. 2008 – Thailand
– Music Performance and Promoting Certificate – April 2004 – UK
– Evening Workshops at Théâtre National Chaillot – 1994 – France
– Degree in Modern Literature specialised in Audiovisual and Journalistic Communication – Paris Sorbonne – Sep. 1998 – France

For more information you can contact me by writing here or send me an email at info@sofizel.com

You can contact me on Skype Sofizel or on (+44) 07902 555 350 or (+33)

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