Transpersonal Meditation Class


Transpersonal Guided Meditations Classes

You can purchase the 6 sessions in advance with 25% off!
Classes will take place from September onwards at The Shekinashram in Glastonbury on Thursdays at 1pm and at the Hubnub Centre in Frome on Mondays at 11am.

Music is played during the session and opens the gate to journeying with grace and lightness.

A yoga mat and a blanket are the key to more comfort and a deeper relaxation. We conclude our sessions with a herbal tea and a verbal exchange of inner journeying if some reclaim it.


Because the synergy of the group allows an energetic amplification and especially held in a sacred space, I offer to run Guided Meditation Group Sessions on various themes: anchoring the “Happy Place” for stress management, conscientising the body and becoming one own healer when connecting with the cells and atoms of the body, connecting with the inner child, connecting with the ideal partner, connecting with spiritual guides, learning to love and forgive oneself and others, inviting abundance, Journeying through past lives and so on… A wide range of themes that can be approached all year around. Not only will we be exploring these themes, but also make sure to anchor them with symbols and techniques so to integrate them on a subconscious level to bring true transformation on a deeper level.

During a guided meditation, we enter a trance or, if you prefer, a modified state of consciousness that allows us to access the subconscious and supra-conscious. We reach exclusively these levels of impaired consciousness, by breathing and hypnotic induction, in a completely natural way. It is during this meditation that we can then redirect the mechanism of our thoughts and modify the repetitive patterns that shape our life on the physical plane. These meditations allow us to discover on the surface, the benefits of hypnosis and hypnotherapy, since they are inspired by certain protocols used during a private session. More than just a guided meditation, these sessions can bring you, according to the amplitude of your own imagination, some profound changes and are also able to transmit to you the essential tools for reaching a higher consciousness and the learning process to self-healing.


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