Access Bars®

ALL OF LIFE COMES TO ME WITH... Ease, Joy and Glory

Amazing relaxation that lets you let go and helps to provide more comfort in all the different areas of your life.
This gentle, non-invasive technique works by releasing the physical and emotional blockages in your body that you want to change.

Bars® have accompanied thousands of people and can help:

Reduced anxiety and stress
Rediscover joy and lightness on a daily basis
Unblocking beliefs, judgments, limiting points of view
Reinforced self-confidence
Increase your creativity and abilities
Dispel anger and nervousness
Improve sleep
Fight migraines
Weight loss
Renewed energy
And many other things ...

It is a global method that aims to develop in each of us the ability to access a greater awareness, a wider choice of possibilities in all areas of life. An invitation to function in a different way, by being truly present in each moment, without judgment and in total reception, beyond the limitations of our thoughts, blockages, beliefs ...

"The consciousness is the ability to be present at any time in one's life without
judgment on oneself, or on others. It's the ability to do anything to receive, to reject nothing and to create whatever one desires in the life ”Gary Douglas


Access BarsⓇ is a set of 32 cranial points, forming 16 symmetrical “bars”, creating a field electromagnetic, each linked to a specific area of ​​life.

Putting your fingers gently on each of these points on the head, the brain waves slow down, generating thus a positive change in the brain and defragment them electromagnetic components of stress, negative thoughts, emotions, judgments, limiting beliefs, memories unconscious, etc. accumulated since childhood.

The immediate effect observed is a deep relaxation of the body, a feeling of letting go, some people will even fall asleep during the session.
At the end of the session, you usually feel very calm, the mind is calm.

The effects of Access BarsⓇ are specific to each individual and differ from session to session. However, in addition to improved physical health, beneficiaries indicated better intuitive awareness, more of gratitude, kindness, peace and calm as well as a communication facilitated.

The first session of Access BarsⓇ was given by Gary Douglas, the founder of Access ConsciousnessⓇ, over 25 years ago.

The ACCESS CONSCIOUSNESS® method was developed by Gary Douglas in the 1990s. Since then, it has been developed in 173 countries.

At worst, you will feel as if you have just received the best massage of your life. At best, your life can change by unlocking your unlimited potential!


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