Trainer, Coach and Practitioner

Whether you are interested about training or consulting, this is what Transpersonal & Ericksonian Hypnotherapy can bring into your life!

Today, Transpersonal Hypnotherapy can help you retrieve your initial energy and prepare you for greatness! The past can still affect our present, while triggering repetitive patterns, due to a trans-generational heritage, a karmic debt or simply some traumas experienced during childhood. We can transform our life with Hypnotherapy, because we can proceed to deep healing while in connection to the subconscious mind.

Together we can, very quickly, set achievable goals, remove blockings, go to the heart of what caused the problem and transform your life for the better with very simple hypnotic tools and efficient psychotherapeutic techniques. Transpersonal Psychology believes that the body, mind, soul are interlaced and interact with each other. These modern techniques based on Jungian psychology enable an easy re-connection to the self and accompany a person to find their own rich and fulfilled life’s purpose.


Here is what I can help you with:

Emotional Clearing and Rescuing the Inner Child, Reparenting Work and Connection Work, Anchoring New Positive Emotions, Traumas, Phobias, Changing Habits, Addictions, Stopping Smoking, Weight Management, Grief, Sexual Abuse, Child Abuse, Inner Conflicts Resolution, Removing Blocks, Achieving Goals, Reconnecting to Self and Source.


– Ericksonian Hypnotherapy – E.C.P. (Etherical Communication Plan) – Emotional Clearing – Rescue missions of the Inner Child and connection with Inner Family, Inner Mate, Spiritual Guides – Inner Conflicts Resolution – Healing past traumas with Regression – Inner Conflict Resolution with Part Therapy (Addictions, Compulsive Behaviours, etc.) – Karmic connections and Past Life work – Soul Contracts – LBL (Life Between Lives)

Just give me a call to discuss how you want to transform your life now!

I am facilitating face to face and Skype confidential and private sessions. The sessions can be done either in English or French.